I `m Ruediger Polster

Representative Director, WebHawks IT

From Germany

Ruediger Polster

I am from Nuremberg, Germany and I studied at the University of Applied Sciences Worms and University of South Alabama in International Business Administration. My core competencies are Management, IT-Consultant Account Management and Project & Program Management Services.

Myself in detail

       My relevant experiences lie in financial services portal of the Credit Suisse Italy, commercial B2B and B2C platform for German Telecom, PLM Software solution and eBusiness Integration, consulting and providing industrial automation software solutions across industries, several ERP, CRM and knowledge based information system implementations, setup computer center for managed services and SOX SOA securitiy implementation.

   I am the Representative Director of WebHawksIT Germany. I hope that through this venture German-Bangladesh relations will grow and we can continue to work together towards understanding each other’s nations, our cultures, values and dreams.

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