What is HawksMailing

HawksMailing will serve the same purpose as the best available email marketing systems in the market. We were motivated to make this product to solve the usability and users’ motivation to use the system frequently. Any level of users with very minimum level of IT knowledge can set up, launch and prepare reports in the system. In addition, this system will allow organizations to segment the types of mails, design templates, and also customize copy, visual and databases in real time.


We designed this system not to add more features, but focused on the most used functions and usability for the users. In daily life we don't use a lots of functionality.  

  1. CMS: The system can be use as a CSM; a person with basic knowledge can operate the system.

  2. Unlimited database and segmentation

  3. Customization as per the business needs

  4. Three step approval and testing before launch campaign

  5. Unlimited template integration

  6. Export data in Excel, .pdf format  

  7. Support mobile, iOS and Android OS  


As per clients business needs we will customize the system. System integration and implementation is free of cost. In addition, users can customize the reporting system.


Based on the level of usage and purpose, we have the necessary resources to customize the back end using JAVA, .NET, Ruby and PHP, different frameworks; iOS, Android.  

Target Users

  1. Small and medium size companies: Ready to use

  2. Individual users: Ready to use

  3. Big enterprise: Customization required based on the frequency of use and the database size.

TeamSourcing Service

Furthermore, we can provide a part-time, dedicated virtual email marketing assistant free of cost if the client uses our system.

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