What is Hawk$Bill

Estimate, billing and invoicing system. We highly recommend this for IT companies or retainer-based companies of any size. This is a data driven application, and can be run both online and offline. The system will learn the business and data patterns and act accordingly as system administrators set up the actions according to their specific finance intelligence.


  1. Automation: The system is able to produce automatic bills. Also this application is able to send the estimates, bills and invoices via email as an encrypted PDF. Furthermore, this system is able to connect with a local bank API if the bank allows and also with the accounting software a company uses.

  2. Security: based on the clients security concern we can encrypt files that the system produces.

  3. Compliance: The system is able to understand financial compliance, and act according to the financial compliance setup by the user.

  4. CMS: With basic computer knowledge this system can be used.

  5. Customization: The system structure, forms,tables and visuals can be modified with very minimum IT knowledge.

  6. Flexible Branding: the entire system can be branded with minimum IT knowledge.

  7. Export data in Excel, .pdf format  

  8. iOS and Android version


During implementation, customization is a must for setting up the. The user without basic IT knowledge can do operational customization.


Based on the level of usage and purpose we have the necessary resources to customize the back end using JAVA, dot NET, Ruby & PHP different frameworks; iOS, Android

Target Users

  1. Retainer business: Individual, small and big enterprise.

  2. Non-Retainer: Individual and small size companies but customization needed based on the business nature.

TeamSourcing Service

We can provide part-time, dedicated bookkeeping and accounting, secretarial and legal services to maintain all accounting tasks and records, documentation up to the year-end audit service virtually.

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