What is Hawks-E-learning

Our interactive e-learning system allows students and teaches to utilize the system in both live classroom environment and access the recorded version of the lessons at anytime anywhere. We designed the system a way to close the gap of physical interaction as much as possible. In addition, this system will learn the users (teachers, students) over the time make individual patterns of usage to recommend and suggest time to time.


  1. Complete CMS based system can be operate without IT technical knowledge

  2. The system can arrange live webinar and live scheduled class

  3. Digital content production facilities are integrated into the system

  4. Quiz, exam, assignment and project work can manage through this system

  5. Interactive chat and blog

  6. Live one 2 one consultation

  7. Digital Library

  8. Notice board

  9. Course payments

  10. Lessons and performance tracking

  11. Group mailing and texting

  12. Personalized user profile

  13. Personalized discussion group

  14. Automatic notification and alarm

  15. iOS & Android friendly

Available E-learning Contents that we can provide:

  • Kids education: Basic English Expression; English Vocabulary; Poems; Story Telling/Morals; Rhymes/Songs; writing/drawing; IQ Building.

  • Kids Programming Language: Very Basic Kids programming language that starts with basic HTML for web programming, C, C++, PHP and Java for intermediate level and iOS and Android for mobile apps making.

  • One Year Web Programming Diploma consists of complete web related programming to become a web programmer. The course is divided into three semester and a 2 months project work that will cover HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, Java Script, Visual C, .NET, SEO, Web Designing, Web Programming Ethics and best practice, Project Management and Outsourcing.

  • Mobile Apps making: iOS and Android  

  • Language Training: Japanese, Arabic, English, IELTS, TOEFL, Malay, Korean, Spanish, German and French.

  • General English for Adults

  • Advance English for Adults  

  • Spoken English for Adults

  • Advance Spoken English for Adults

  • Health and Nutrition

  • Photography

  • Basic Makeup and Imagery  


During the implementation customization is needed based on the school operation and necessary modules decided by the school management.


Based on the level of usage and purpose we have necessary resources to customize the back end using JAVA, dot NET, Ruby & PHP different frameworks.  

Target Users    

This system is can be used for educational purpose upon customization based on the type, size of the educational institutions.

TeamSourcing Service

We can provide part-time, dedicated back office virtual assistant to support on day-to-day activities e.g. maintenance, updates, repetitive tasks, programming, server maintenance and updates, web and E-marketing.  

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