What is Hawks Finance

Fully customized and compliance driven financial management system. Our financial management system will allow the user to modify end-to-end including input, output and reporting system.


    1. Financial Compliance: The system will allow the user to modify compliance changes into the system without any system administrator support.
    2. Security: We can integrate three-layers security for data privacy and backups.
    3. Approval: The user can set up the approval process and change according to the business needs without system administrator help.
    4. Standard Operating Process (SOP): Based on the SOP documents the system will act, therefore the monthly cash flow and capital budgeting can be done automatically as well as forecasting.
    5. Reporting: The user can set up the ratios and statistics of the business performance almost without help of  a system administrator. Export data in excel, .pdf format  
      1. Virtual Audit: The system is able to create most necessary reports for quarterly, half-yearly and yearly audit reports, if the compliance data and management decisions are pre-determined and input correctly.
        1. Support mobile, iOS and Android OS  


          Without customization the system can’t be used as is, we support our clients 3 months customization service and integration including live online training to use the system. In addition, we provide regular IT & Accounting support 20 hours/month as after sales service free of cost as long as the clients use our system.

          Our customization steps

          1. Management discussion

          2. SOP- Standard Operating Process development

          3. COA- Chart of Account development based on the nature of business transaction.

          4. Setup a virtual business and simulate the SOP and COA.

          5. Finalizing the business performance (ratios) based on the simulation

          6. Customize the HawksFinance

          7. Test the system

          8. Training

          9. Implement the beta and use it for 6 months

          10. Final release


          Based on the level of usage and purpose we have necessary resources to customize the back end using JAVA, .NET, Ruby & PHP different frameworks; iOS, Android  

          Target Users

          All sizes of business; but highly recommended for fast-growing businesses.

          TeamSourcing Service

          We can provide part-time, dedicated bookkeeping and accounting, secretarial, and legal services to maintain all accounting tasks and records, documentations up to the year-end audit service virtually.

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