What is Picchi

This system is country specific that will allow training the next generation the cultures and the list stories that are rarely available due to the modernization. The growing needs of teaching the cultures and histories are very important for the next gen to know their Identity. Therefore “Picchi” is the platform that will allow the users to access their own cultures and identity digitally no matter the distance and time.

We designed this apps based on the usability of the kids age between three to 12 years. Currently we have country specific modules: Alphabets; Speaking Bengali; Speaking Formal Bengali; Speaking Regional Bengali; Bangladesh Studies; Cultural Expression; Foods; Flowers; Fruits; Fashion & Festivals; History & Legacy; Ethics & Morals.  



  1. A complete CMS back end to update/edit/modify contents including copy, audio, graphics and video.

  2. Personalized profile

  3. Notification to the students, parents and teachers

  4. Lesson tracking system, quiz and project

  5. iOS & Android friendly


During the implementation customization is needed based on the country specific requirements.


Based on the level of usage and purpose we have necessary resources to customize the back end using JAVA, dot NET, Ruby & PHP different frameworks.  

Target Users    

This system is suitable for the NGO or private organization those who want to promote their country to the next generation.

TeamSourcing Service

We can provide part-time, dedicated back office virtual assistant to support on day-to-day activities e.g. maintenance, updates, repetitive tasks, programming, server maintenance and updates, web and E-marketing.

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