What is Hawks Portfolio

This is simple system to keep records both online and offline. For offline archiving we provide customize tools that will work with specific storage devices. In addition, we will provide a CMS based online system to showcasing the work as reference to work in a big team.


  1. Complete CMS based system can be operate without IT technical knowledge

  2. The system can handle the file format as input

  3. Automatic indexing system

  4. Auto search tag system

  5. Personalized portfolio pages for individual contribution


During the implementation customization is needed based on the school operation and necessary modules decided by the school management.


Based on the level of usage and purpose we have necessary resources to customize the back end using JAVA, dot NET, Ruby & PHP different frameworks.  

Target Users    

The organizations need to archive their digital data for future usage, e.g. IT companies, research firms etc.

TeamSourcing Service

We can provide part-time, dedicated back office virtual assistant to support on day-to-day activities e.g. maintenance, updates, repetitive tasks, programming, server maintenance and updates, web and E-marketing.  

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