What is HawksHierarchy

This system is for strategic business decision and task management process for the executive and managerial level. We found a gap that very few systems available in the market that focus on the strategic decision making for business level and follow up in task level that is integrated in one single platform. HawksHierarchy will reduce that gap between the management decision and implementation follow up for any specific business. The whole system is organization hierarchy based that define the roles and responsibilities from the very beginning for the users to accomplish their goal together as a team into one single platform. Time to time the system will learn the activities and actions done by each user and act upon based on the desired action defined by the users into the system.

  1. Hierarchy-based, absolutely data driven, the system learns the user based on the hierarchy and assists the user to accomplish the goal set by the team together in the system.

  2. Simple user interface, very focused and easy to use, this system will handle only tasks and keep track on the relevant users to accomplish the task to reach the strategic goal.

  3. This system will keep track of all relevant key stakeholders to accomplish the strategic goal. Time-to-time we can add or remove the users based on the business goals and team formation to achieve the specific goal.

  4. Export data in Excel, .pdf format  

  5. Support mobile, iOS and Android Operating System  


The basic system can be used as it is. We strongly recommend companies to take our assistance to set up and train in using the system and do necessary modification to utilize the system to its fullest.  


Based on the level of usage and purpose we have necessary resources to customize the back end using JAVA, .NET, Ruby & PHP different frameworks; iOS, Android

Target Users

Small and big enterprises consisting of more than three board members, and more than five managerial levels of employees in top positions or running the organization. Organizations that run in different places/geography will benefit most from using the system.

TeamSourcing Service

We can provide part-time, dedicated back office virtual assistant to support on day-to-day activities, support and work as secretarial job for the executives.

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