What is TMS Flow

Sales conversion system HawksFlow is the step-by-step process from initiation until the lead conversion into business/charity. We designed the system to adopt a marketing model defined and acted upon by the the users.


  1. Marketing & Sales Model driven system, without the defined model system it will not perform.

  2. Handy and on-the-go use both iOS and Android version.

  3. Export data in Excel, .pdf format  


The user needs to define the marketing and sales model to setup the system then the system will be able to use operationally.


Based on the level of usage and purpose we have necessary resources to customize the back end using JAVA, .NET, Ruby & PHP different frameworks; iOS, Android.

Target Users

Highly sales and marketing driven small and big size B2B enterprises.

TeamSourcing Service
We can provide part-time, dedicated back office virtual assistant to support day-to-day activities e.g. maintenance, updates, repetitive tasks, programming, server maintenance and updates, web and E-marketing, sales database, research and report creation.   

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