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Network Data Security

  • WebHawks IT ensures excellent quality, high capacity, and low latency Internet connectivity. The internet connectivity here will ensure fast and seamless access to the public network for each TeamSourcing client. Our infrastructure is linked with dedicated high speed internet connectivity with redundant and self-healing IP architecture.

  • We deliver unparalleled protection, ease of use and performance with Next Generation Network Security platform to protect against sophisticated Cyber Threats through Fortinet UTM system. Some of the key features are given below:

    • One platform for end-to-end security across entire network
    • Optimized for internal segmentation, perimeter, data center, distributed and cloud deployments
    • Industry tested and validated for superior security effectiveness (NSS Labs “Recommended” NGFW and NGIPS solutions)
    • Integrated high port density for maximum flexibility
  • To keep the network clean and protect the endpoints (computers, smartphones, tablets, and fileservers) against emerging threats we use endpoint antivirus for WebHawks IT & TeamSourcing clients. The endpoint antivirus supports wide variety of OS (Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android etc.)

  • We currently facilitate both cold and warm backup solution for our team, furthermore on demand back up service is available to protect the data based on the client’s requirement.

  • To create an efficient, responsive IT environment WebHawks IT has adopted the cutting edge technology by virtualizing the entire data center. Currently on process to have its own private cloud WebHawks IT team is capable of providing dedicated virtual servers and offer support to it according to the client needs.

  • In WebHawks IT, central power supply is connected to three-phase electricity supply from the public grid. Furthermore, securing the stability we use an UPS (APC) & generator (FG Wilson) as on demand power backup purpose.

  • We provide secure and segregated private network & file server service to highest level of data security for each of our TeamSourcing clients.

  • Our flexible workstation design allows us to modify our workstation many different sizes according to the clients’ privacy requirement.

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We provide private transportation services to our overseas clients with experienced and trained chauffeurs that can communicate in English. In addition, 24/7-dedicated transport services during emergencies are always on standby for airport pick up and drop off.

Beautiful Bangladesh

Leisure Activities

Our active leisure team can arrange, assist and guide leisure activities during the stay of our clients’ management team, engineers and staff. The country is full of natural beauty: green landscape, rivers, mountains & hills, the world’s longest unbroken beach, coral islands and many more.

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Leisure activities Leisure activities Leisure activities


For training, project launch, project planning, team kick-start; we believe the physical interaction between the team members is very important to develop a bond. Therefore, we facilitate short and long-term world class fully furnished accommodation facilities with a janitor, catering, laundry, and assistance services at 1/3 the cost of 5 star hotels.

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We developed our kitchen service based on the needs for health & and convenience for our employees and clients from overseas.

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WebHawks IT Image Japanese Cuisine
WebHawks IT Image Italian Cuisine
WebHawks IT Image South-Indian (vegetarian) Cuisine
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WebHawks IT Image Bengali Cuisine
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Medical Emergency

For unexpected medical emergencies, we have medical assistance support service in Bangladesh and also abroad (Singapore and Bangkok).

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